Welcome to Chat4TV! Please make sure you've read and agreed to our Rules, and then select a client below and come on in!

Chat4TV Chat Clients

If you'd like to start chatting now, just click below for the Java-compatible interface:

Chat4TV Chat with JPilot Java Software
Since this is Java, this should not require a separate download. Just click, wait a moment, and chat!

You don't have to use a custom IRC -- you can chat with the regular WebTV chat client (except no ads spamming the bottom of the screen).

Using Your Own Chat Client

If you're using a chat client such as IRCII, mIRC, pIRCH, IRCle, or another chat client of your own, here's the information you need to know:

Port: 6667
Channel: #Lobby or any other channel

Getting Audio In Our Shows

We broadcast our shows in RealAudio. You probably have the RealPlayer software installed on your computer. But if you don't, you can download one for free from Real Networks.

Just download their Basic version, install, and you'll be ready to listen during our live audio shows. You'll find the address of the audio stream for each of our shows in the Show Schedule.

Scripts and Bots

If you wish to connect a bot to our server, please supervise it at all times. The only always-online bots that are allowed here must run on our own server. Never join a bot into a public room. Make sure it stays in your own channel or in another channel along with the moderator's permission.

You may run scripts as long as they are not disruptive. If these scripts begin to disrupt the room or misbehave, you will be asked to leave. Also, please remember that many WebTV users chat here and they cannot see your colors or extended characters, or even hear sounds. It's pretty annoying when there are all kinds of meaningless garbage cluttering the channel, so if you are using these kind of scripts, please do not let them run in public rooms. If you're in a private room and the other people or the room moderator has no problem with your script, we won't mind your colors, pictures, and sounds.

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